Saturday, September 17, 2011

Magazine Fashion Bead Necklace.

A simple beaded necklace project that I wouldn't actually mind getting for mother's day. I came across this project while I was student teaching at an elementary school.

1. Cut 8-10 inch long triangles an inch to an inch and a half wide from a gloss thicker magazine page. National geographic or Nordstrom fashion mailer booklet work really well. High quality print on a slightly thinker paper.

2. Run a thin strip of white glue lengthwise down the center of the triangle

3. Starting with the 1 1/2 inch side, roll the triangle up. For young kids have them roll the triangle around a pencil so they create a nice big hole for easy threading.

4. (Optional) glaze the beads with a thin coat of clear or translucent finger nail polish. I like clear with glitter. That way I can still see the colors of the paper and still have a little sparkle. You can also experiment with the with and length of the paper to make a different look.

5. Use yarn or dental floss to thread the beads. Tie the ends together when you reach the desired length.

Card board play house

As a kid my family moved around a lot. Not those quick moves across town where you can borrow your friend's truck but country to country move, across oceans. Thus I spent much of my childhood waiting for my toys to come by sea freight. Consequently, I have a number of memories of playing with boxes. Making a house, an airplane, or a tank, anything seemed to be possible. I actually cringe as I remember my five year old self running around with a serrated knife, plunging it in to the cardboard to make working doors and windows.

Still it was a lot of fun and my creations stretched my imagination and took me so many places farther than my own back yard. 

As a parent, card board boxes are great tools for all kinds of play. And it's so simple. Anyone can cut a hole in a box for the door and a smaller one for the window. Give your kids some markers and they can decorate the walls of the house all by themselves. Put a few smaller boxes together and you have a network of tunnels. When your kids grow tired of them (or you do) just recycle.  It's simple, easy, can entertain your kids for hours and it's free.
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