Thursday, August 18, 2011

Facebook slide show

One of my husband's favorite things to do with our kids is to have a facebook slide show. They sit on his lap while he clicks through the photos of Grandma and Grandpa, aunts  and uncles and friends. I love this, because it helps the kids learn about family relationships, and helps them learn the names of people who love them. this activity can be especially helpful your child is shy or has a speech delay. Each picture can be a catalyst to initiate conversation. Ask questions like who is that? and what are they doing? Get them to tell you a short narrative. Yes and no questions are okay but to really have a conversation ask questions that take more to answer. If your child is shy then this is a good importunity for him or her to become more comfortable around the extended family before the next trip to grandma's. And if you live far away from family it's an especially good way for young children to remember cousins and extended family members between visits. 
I know not all facebook pictures are appropriate for kids so this activity should be done with a parent at the controls.


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