Monday, August 15, 2011

How to make Jack Sparrow's tricorn pirate hat.

So your kids want a hat like Captain Jack Sparrow?
I wanted to learn how to make an authentic tricorn hat but the cost was just to high and the process to long.  but after doing so reading and looking up how to make different hats i came up with this.
The following is directions on how to make a tricorn hat from cheap materials that can be found at your local fabric store and even some wal-marts.
Felt (wool would be awesome but i just used the regular craft stuff)
White glue
needle and thread
ribbon or bias tape
rubber band
First measure your head circumference and find a bowl or a ball that has a slightly larger circumference.   This will be your hat form.   I used a bowl.
Next cut two pieces of felt that are large  enough to be pulled down over the hat form. Run the first piece of felt under the facet until it is soaked.  Stretch it over the hat form  and secure it with a rubber band.  Keep tugging on the felt until you get it as stretched as possible.  Let the cloth dry for a few hours.  It doesn’t have to be dry just make sure it’s not soaking.  You could seed up the process by putting it under a fan.
Next, cover the hat with glue and stretch a second layer of wet felt over the hat securing it with the same rubber band.  Let the hat dry completely.
Trim the hat to about an half inch below the rubber band.
to make the brim of the hat cut two large circles of felt.  then cut a hole in the center about a half an inch smaller in diameter than the hat for.
take the hat off the hat form and place it on top on one of the circles centered above the hole.  Put the other circle on top of the hat and gently pull it down.  Stitch the two circles together at the opening, catching the hat in the middle.
Glue the to circles together forming the brim of hat.  Pin the ribbon or bias tape along the edge hat and sew. (I think bias tape would work better.)
If the brim of your hat has dried so that you can’t bend it get it damp until you can.  position it with three edges up and pin it.  let the hat dry.   Try it on and you’re done!


Jules said...

Brill, thanks!

lara giles said...

fantastic. just finished one for my 9yr old daughter, now i have to make two more for my 7 and 14yr olds
from france

Randy Schirmer said...

Would micro fiber work?

Leslie said...

Awesome! I'm in the process of this now! I'm using wool felt and it is thicker, so more stretching and more glue (watered down) have done the trick for me! said...

I have been looking for just this type of instructions for years! With the help of many of my students' parents, we have made over 50 pairs of breeches, petticoats, aprons, mob caps, but I could never find an inexpensive way to make tri-corn hats for my boys. I intend to make one this week. If I can pull it off, I intend to spend the next year, making enough of these hats for all the boys in 5th grade at my school. Thank you so much. Your article has been an answer to my long said prayer.

Pamela Martin said...

Going to try this tonight

Pheobe Alverson said...

This is brilliant. I wish I'd found the pattern last week so I could make great hats for Talk Like A Pirate Day. Everyone talks like a pirate better in appropriate gear. I will save this for next year, or halloween!

Anonymous said...

This is amazing, thank you so much. I made this for my 5 year old's pirate costume. He's delighted with it. My mods: I only used one layer of felt for the top, and no glue. I also just sewed the outside edge of the hat with zigzag stitch on my machine, and that was plenty to hold everything in place. (Handstitching with blanket stitch would work too, but take longer. :-)) I wish I'd made the hat a smidge deeper (maybe 1/2") but it looks cute and he loves it.

Thank you for the great tutorial!!

Dave Cearley said...

What kind of glue do you use that won't show when it dries? Do you dilute the glue?

WWE Wrestle said...

kentucky derby hats

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