Monday, August 15, 2011

Play Purse

Pretty Pink Play Purse 
Pattern available here.
Cut one of everything of the outside fabric (except the strap cut two) and then one of everything (except the strap) of the lining material.   I also cut a layer of felt or interfacing and basted it to the back of the outside fabric to make the purse stiffer, but that is optional.
Basically you sew two different purses one of the outside fabric and one of the lining. For the strap you pin the right sides together and sew turning the strap right-side out when you are done an attach it to the outside layer fabric.  Then sew the the two purses right sides together leaving a small 2 inch hole to turn the purse the right side out.   then use a needle and thread to stitch it closed using a hidden stitch.
For the purse I made for my daughter, I made a braided yarn strap instead of  cloth one. Depending on the material you use and if you have a serger   you may not have to make a lining.


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