Friday, August 12, 2011

Play with your kids!

Turn off the TV and get ready for some good wholesome homemade family fun. With kids it's about time not about what fancy toy or high tech gadget you can buy them.  So i'm starting this blog to help inspire parents come up with fun games and crafts for good clean homemade inexpensive fun. I'll even throw in free patterns tutorials to help you make homemade toys and gifts for your child.
     Most of all i'm starting this blog as an excuse to play with my kids. So for those of you who think, I can't be that parent, I'm not creative or I don't have the time. I'll you have to do is check back often. I'll supply the ideas to get you started. I'll help you turn regular chores into games. Turn the things you already have to do into fun quality time with your kids. So that everyone has time to play with their kids!


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