Friday, August 12, 2011

"A watermelon party."

If you're a germaphobe stop right there. Don't read on. If your okay with you're kids sharing a glass of water this will be fun. Maybe not homemade clean fun but homemade messy fun.  Find a place like you patio or the kitchen table that you can get messy. You could even throw down a tarp over the carpet. Just make sure your kids are eating over something you can clean afterwards. Or better yet throw down a plastic table cloth you can throw away afterwards.  You could even cut up a few garbage bags.  You may even want to do this as a nutritious dessert and throw the kids straight into the tub when your done.
    Cut a large watermelon in half. Put half in the fridge you can use it for that fruit salad you want to make later. The other half set on the tarp or plastic table cloth or whatever.  Have your kids sit around the "watermelon  bowl" and hand each of them a spoon. Then let them dig in. It's fun! you might even want to try a spoonful. 
My kids loved this and your's will too! You can even turn this fun into an opportunity to teach your kids about taking turns and sharing.  This activity is probably better for younger kids. Mine range from 1-5. Yes even my one year old was trying to participate. She had a blast and worked on her fine motor skills at the same time. My five year old called it. "a watermelon party" and repeatedly asks if we can do it again.   
   When you're done toss them in the tub or spray them off with the hose and throw them in the pool.
Now go have some homemade fun with your own kids!

A tip: If a half is too much cut a smaller bowl.
Also for my real young kids I strip them down to their diapers. 


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